> Costumes for Tejal Shah,India

Helmet making: used flex + beer bottle caps pierced and stitched...
Helmet with beer bottle caps
Helmet in used flexand glasses/headphone in.... kitchen ustensils
Everything in actio0n : the armband, the dress, the mask made out of old lampshade and plastic flowe
Helmets in action ! like the moon ? me too
Project/Collaboration with.....
Varsha stichting aluminium scales onto the jersey
Armband in aluminium scale
Cutting out the car inner tube into hair horse
project's description
Paper dress ready
Horse hair in car inner tube
Paper dress  ready
a happy tailor, ecodesigner...
Cutting  out banner to make boots
Varsha cutting out aluminium cans
Low tech tool  :  a pair of scissors
Puja gluing animal on the paper dresses
Low tech tool  a good old looking sewing machine