> Social Design Camp, Ignaeda, Black Sea , Turkey

Welcome to our Eco Camp
At-the-local scrapp-recycler: a golden mine for us !
Hand-stiching-used-carry-bags into a pillow
The shower-mat is ready
Shopping bags being crochetted during the  Women's workshop
Women's workshop.-necklaces in paper beads for mother and daughter
Experimental-sitting using stiched carry bags and dead leaves
Making of the cabin
Luggage-storage usign fishing nets, dead leaves for the roof and plastic carry bags on the floor
2 great TOG T-shirts !!! Turkish-Student-Organization
Trash-bin in recycled water heater
Mountain-of-scrap at the local recycler
Workshop with the women and children of Ignaeda
Piercing-bottle-caps to make a shower mat
Food-packaging woven into a purse. experimental !
Woven-grass-and-cardboard to make a cabin
Sewing with a hand machine a carry bag into a pillow filled with dead leaves
Washing machine-and-oil drum become -confortable stools
Bilal-taking-the-first-eco-shower made of an old water bottle
Bean-bag filled with dead leaves-and oild drums with cushions cut out in abandonned mattrasses
Thank-you-to-all-tthe-wonderful organizers